Why Remote ft. DGA

from by Lemonworm

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Radio waves came and suffocate Bladee
thai sounds deconstruct my taste fall away
one up something I got good
Sableye reflect back pranksters I should
switch another backlog torrent this gog sucked
into a pitcher stuck in a bog
in serration the ecstasy rips every part of me
nectar I'm drowning dissolving so sweetily
please keep on beating me

And before I wanna get this Fry
words spill out my mouth sewed up mental state I'mma die
new shit simulatory lie from 85 to 105
these tracks go kick snare every day
and I wonder if they'll every find another way

somehow I doubt it
I'm certainly hurting

Standard rat fucking a same things
got my flying gem and gold wings
old singer I knew what to bring
what auntie wants to hear is not fear
not too clear is desires on a macbook
maybe stop for a minute really take a look
situational blindness not a good thing
tryna look deep
dont look too much
fuck our brains out
never have lunch
can we talk again
never say much
I never asked for these motion controlls
but the way of the world always told me where to go
you know

I don’t want nothing but a fuckin doritos taco loco
What I say when I wanna live in the moment
And not choke up, feel somethin’ pleasurable
Like a sauna, holy Madonna, hold me up front and center
I’m hurting - fuck this shit right now I’m cursing
Finding a way where a wayward soul is prone
To a bowl full of cereal I’m certainly hurting

My grandma come from a new mexico
Guiltin’ again they swear I’m the hero
She wrote about her garden
I wrote about some fuckshit
Hopin’ to rupture somethin, fuck on somethin
Let me live with lovin’

Celiac cardiac feel my fucking lungs rip stomach all but collapsed
clawing at something not coming back
I got one stock left not dunked in the past

I’m fucked in the ass by everybody everywhere
Cut me up a little then turn me to a teddy bear
Sippin on a perrier, sittin on his derrierre
Rip me up and out of here and bring me to an anywhere

Tryna find a spot on invisible line
it took some B side shit for me to change my mind
Toa smoking blunts till the end of time like its the only way to rhyme


from Treefister, released January 9, 2016
Lemonworm: Instrumental Production, Bass, Vocals
DGA: Vocal Production, Vocals
Gabe Galang: Guitar



all rights reserved


Lemonworm Palo Alto, California

Lemonworm is a human who makes music and also art and stuff. This is some of that music stuff. Listen if u tryna find a groove but dont think it exists. it may b here

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