by Lemonworm

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Flagship EP from ya boy Lemonworm, crafty songs created craftily over the course of the past year. Hope you vibe friends.


released January 9, 2016

Lemonworm: Instrumental Production, Vocals, Guitar, Bass
DGA: Vocal Production, Vocals on "Why Remote"
Gabe Galang: Guitar on "Why Remote"

Special thanks to Ty Mayer of Floral for providing dank drums to sample from on "Baleen Star" and "Fungus"

Shoutouts to super humman, Reggie, Kat, Ross and Connor for having vocal samples in this release



all rights reserved


Lemonworm Palo Alto, California

Lemonworm is a human who makes music and also art and stuff. This is some of that music stuff. Listen if u tryna find a groove but dont think it exists. it may b here

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Track Name: Baleen Star
Hey I'm new accept me
I've walls for days you can see
try to accept me
and everybody on the face to my left right margarine
substitute no chakra wavedash in
assess my tendency to shadow clone
got birds got wizards got pokemon
through the same moves show ineptitude
your blade stabs me fills up the glue
blue boy lush boy no differencing
mirrors smash when I'm home creating

explode your barrier no cell phone carrier
can spew good mouthings that fuck my mind
I tambourine, there's nothing for me
you're wanted for brining whale mind.

Feel me I'm a sore loser that screen tails and gunning whosier
mom pop, empire friend I'm
air force trend
got some stock block on the scene my
engine burning cause its the first D
just rips car out your face is Fry
ginger awkward nice guy and I'm
stuck on a notion new exception from screen
these characters are rowdy and mean
these videos I keep seein
faster to the car the smarter your face
up-b in my recovery race
and I'll get a placer in a minute scuse' me sir my controller cant win it
man there ain't no johnning I'mma stick it in her and finish
fears are shrinking I'm a minish
and all I do is shrink with it.

(frame one shake frame three thats all right, I'll take one more nerf that's the last one this time)

And all I do is shrink with it
All I do is shrink with it
Track Name: Why Remote ft. DGA
Radio waves came and suffocate Bladee
thai sounds deconstruct my taste fall away
one up something I got good
Sableye reflect back pranksters I should
switch another backlog torrent this gog sucked
into a pitcher stuck in a bog
in serration the ecstasy rips every part of me
nectar I'm drowning dissolving so sweetily
please keep on beating me

And before I wanna get this Fry
words spill out my mouth sewed up mental state I'mma die
new shit simulatory lie from 85 to 105
these tracks go kick snare every day
and I wonder if they'll every find another way

somehow I doubt it
I'm certainly hurting

Standard rat fucking a same things
got my flying gem and gold wings
old singer I knew what to bring
what auntie wants to hear is not fear
not too clear is desires on a macbook
maybe stop for a minute really take a look
situational blindness not a good thing
tryna look deep
dont look too much
fuck our brains out
never have lunch
can we talk again
never say much
I never asked for these motion controlls
but the way of the world always told me where to go
you know

I don’t want nothing but a fuckin doritos taco loco
What I say when I wanna live in the moment
And not choke up, feel somethin’ pleasurable
Like a sauna, holy Madonna, hold me up front and center
I’m hurting - fuck this shit right now I’m cursing
Finding a way where a wayward soul is prone
To a bowl full of cereal I’m certainly hurting

My grandma come from a new mexico
Guiltin’ again they swear I’m the hero
She wrote about her garden
I wrote about some fuckshit
Hopin’ to rupture somethin, fuck on somethin
Let me live with lovin’

Celiac cardiac feel my fucking lungs rip stomach all but collapsed
clawing at something not coming back
I got one stock left not dunked in the past

I’m fucked in the ass by everybody everywhere
Cut me up a little then turn me to a teddy bear
Sippin on a perrier, sittin on his derrierre
Rip me up and out of here and bring me to an anywhere

Tryna find a spot on invisible line
it took some B side shit for me to change my mind
Toa smoking blunts till the end of time like its the only way to rhyme
Track Name: Fungus
Four matted antlers season one two vibe burn fast
seasonal leaf frost flower past
too much cycle Boss Thomas Nass
when I pull up with the green smoke tryna back again hack again
eternally a forest where I wanna walk with no incentive
and a probe in my mind gonna drown me in a ditch
'fore I cut up in a pile without no vain or fame
scream out my fucking name in an arcade chain where
I dont have no shame cause I've never learned that way
and my hair gets in the way cause I've always learned that way
and the faces on the combo wall
always say I do it wrong
I force a bird to sing a song wrong

Come at me Roachy Blackburn
you say you gotta work for things to come my way
got news for you not too much to
you gotta change the way you fuck the ceiling/same thing
not too much keeping me
alive in here for another day wait
my niece has slipped away face day
my hic-hic-hic-hiccup
terminal assumption keep me up
for fucking sake I wanna get a minute out of being closed
and trashing new dimensions with a prospect like a garden hose

Oh my fucking god you know his name
and what he wears all day while
bottle pee ball pop I've known you for a while just stop
wont crush my reverence for things green
Me and you will make it through
a quote askew from certain points of view

Formatted antlers stuck on one setting I can't find
personally I'm gucci everything is time
perverted gripping on the dankest combos I can find
not too much keeping me alive in here
except your breath got that STAB bonus elemental check
you flame on I burn down flesh feeling lets keep it round
finally we wanna go home where the soil is loam and orans grow
Murkrow to Honchkrow overdesigned evolution left to go.

Just stop
Track Name: Twilight Hack v1.0-dirty
Spit in a bladder where my sushi boat will arrive
I like to exersize things that tear me up inside
need to thrive need to drive I'm a go-getter
exact date I need to go with a torn up sweater
feel these pale things In my dreams
covered in makeup and light screens
no reflection special team and I'm bulky filled with thicc EVs
and this natural cure keep me so clean
switch out wood hammer recoil switch in
soft boiled dance world not mine
retract all my fucking vines
all the fucking time
say my fucking lines like they're yours not mine
and I need to drive
I need to drive
to my matter releasin Glisan
I need to be son
starved out fuck boy sick of old releases
spew the pieces this seems like an old one to me
I might not be alive next week
and I can't express how I hate Shiek
without rounding back to I hate me
and I need to be I need to be

She comes when I grind up my fucking teeth about
this new shit I have out I claim that its so dank and loud
lakitu up in the cloud though there's one regret in my shroud
no one comes home safe and sound
I know I'm combo food timbre is what keeps me alive
I need to suckle on nature for my whole body to thrive
I know I'm not supposed to be bad right now
my shit's OP please ban me now
and I fucking break the game right now
and there's just no way that you'll find out

I need a lesson to steer me to a moral soul
this shit's constructed fuck is just a hole
and tell me I don't know where to go
I don't care how to go I don't know

Teach kids how to shoot God as soon as we can soon as we can

Steel my head in gold and I hold the plate change up my soul
that's implying I'm divine yes yes I know
I'm either digging in the sand or just talking to my hand
Verlis on demand head rotting change the band
and I'm beating off a little bit
my head is filled with visions of a green fuck boy
not a hero not a villain not a paradigm toy
someone who transcends parent reason or rhyme
or fuck it just someone who deserves your time
and no one can tell me that shit's just a lie
and I'm certainly hurting all the time
yes I'm certainly hurting

Maybe we can go out sometime even though you're across the way
Track Name: Post That to Lush
Chew me up and exersize a lie
who ever guessed I got by on my shrubbery fat greenery
click the X button fours Game & Weenery
my sausage is hoping my lover is open
wanna be up another night 6 years Hydreigian Dragonite
keep beating out spermataphores
I also want to be no more

I'm an autotroph I like to get my food from a new soft
when life is so lofty I need to feel softly
you're wanted for brining whale mind
and our Mother was brought up on Cajun injections
of fire and boxed wine and
I'll fuck it if I could eject it our new definition is slipping in seconds
insider a peasant a turkey not present a broke definition
shield poking to heaven oh balloon cat
that's lush
all my face is turning lush lush lush

to much for me and you and too much to be
we'll fuck it out and get all that we need

Chew chew spit spit
chew chew spit spit
chew chew spit spit
chew chew one two

I'm free I'm roaming know where I'm going
to make a late show wait outside don't go
so much is tacked onto me when I'm tryna learn taxonomy
don't categorize unless it's green
you know you've hit the right scene
this fire gym I'm burning
too much need with no wanting